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2018 Call for Nordic-Baltic Collaborative Arts Projects

​In June 2018, the NBFP launched its 4th Call for Collaborative Projects. We have opened our additional call with the deadline of Thursday, August 16th 2018 (included). The NBFP Working Group will carefully read and consider all the applications and as a result choose 5 winners, who will present their projects at the NordicBaltic Festival Platform Conference on 22-24 October in Gdansk, Poland. The Conference will be the perfect place to network and find more partners from other Nordic-Baltic festival representatives and arts professionals.

For further background, the NordicBaltic Festival Platform (NBFP) is a platform created for festivals from all fields of art & culture in the Nordic-Baltic area. It aims to foster cultural cooperation in the region by enhancing the number and strength of connections, the capacity and visibility of those festivals. The Platform is open to festivals from all fields of art.

As one of the practical initiatives to foster artistic exchange, the NBFP runs an annual call for cross-border collaborative projects. The initiative aims to bring together festivals for new and, hopefully, long lasting partnerships and to foster the exchange of practices and artistic ideas.


The call is aimed at all arts & culture festivals, but similarly we encourage artists to reach out to their local/partner festivals to introduce together a collaboration proposal for festivals in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region (Denmark (incl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Estonia, Finland (including the Åland Islands), Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden).

The 5 ideas / projects chosen as winners for 2018 are the following: 

"TaDaa! Festival, Estonia"

*Street and Performance Art


TaDaa! Festival is the largest Baltic street performance festival. It focuses on raising awareness of the street as a valid professional performance venue and rejuvenating forgotten areas, supporting the development of local Baltic performers (50% of invited performers are local) and providing access to culture to all people, regardless of social status, gender, age, race, religion, financial situation, language, shoe size or location.


The festival will tour through Estonia and Latvia in 2019. Artists from the region and all over the world will perform in city squares, streets and public spaces.


Daniel Renwick

"New vocal-symphonic works, led by the largest professional choir of Baltic States –

State Choir Latvija,  Latvia"



International Sacred Music Festival is looking for 4 Festivals from 4 countries to collaborate with for production and performance of new vocal-symphonic works.


The aim of the project is to promote creativity and create new vocal symphonic works for chorus, orchestra and soloists on a sacred theme. 3-4 new composing composers will perform together. Such a concert will be frivolous for festivals, as it will refresh the existing worldwide vocal symphonic musical offer.


Māra Jēgere    

"Festival Kometa, Latvia"
* Music, performance art, contemporary circus, film, literature

Kometa is an open-air culture and music festival that takes place on the island of Daugavgriva Fortress in Riga, Latvia. With live music from various corners of the Earth, DJ sets, contemporary circus, cinema, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and performances, Kometa is a unique and vibrant three-day event that embraces diversity and leaves long-term traces in its participants, by inviting and encouraging to practice freedom to think, choose, connect, create and participate. 

The program of the festival has a focus on artistic, cultural and social processes that encourage collaboration, self-organization, formation of new initiatives and taking an active role in the society. 

Kaspars Kondratjuks


"Inversia festival: “From capitals to localities”, Russia" 
*Digital and audiovisual arts

“From capitals to localities” is a project initiated by Inversia festival bringing together a Nordic and Baltic community of artists, curators and audiences who promote digital culture to present artworks, exchange the experience and form a unique community around contemporary digital art environment. 

The main idea of the project is to dissolve boundaries and shift the cultural centers “from the capitals to remote areas” and empower the artistic community of Nordic and Baltic region to find new opportunities to cooperate and develop their work in the home regions and share it to its and new audience. 

Zhanna Guzenko

"NeoArte – Synthesizer of Arts, Poland"
Arts festival

NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts is: - the festival held in Gdansk, Poland and presenting the most interesting trends in contemporary music and art - the platform interconnecting artists from different cultural backgrounds and provenances - the event of intriguing and uncommon profile giving a chance for the contact with music and art - the medium expanding new areas of human mind and enriching our world perspective. NeoQuartet (Polish string quartet specializing in performance of new music) is the initiator and originator of NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts Festival.

Paweł Kapica

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