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This year the NordicBaltic Festival Platform was happy to announce it’s first ever fellowship programme. The pilot programme has engaged 8 emerging festival leaders from across the Nordic-Baltic region. The fellows will attend two 2-day sessions, with the first one taking place around the annual NordicBaltic Festival Platform Conference in Gdansk, Poland and the second one in February in St Petersburg, Russia.

The 8 winners chosen to take part in the 2018 NBFP fellowship programme are:

The 2018 Fellowship


​Anton Fleurov (Russia)

Having acquired degrees from the Saint-Petersburg State University and the University Paris XII, Anton continued his studies in philosophy at the Russian Anthropological school of Moscow State University of Humanities and the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2008 Anton works as an opera and musical theatre critic with various media in Moscow.  Since 2014 Anton curates two programs of the Golden Mask festival: international program and Institute of Theatre, educational project.  His curating activity is tightly linked with international cooperation.

Anton is also a co-author of the anniversary edition of the International Festival of Aix-en-Provence "Faire vivre l’opéra, un art qui donne sens au monde" (éditions Actes Sud).

Greta Clough (Iceland)

Greta is the Artistic Director of Handbendi Brúðuleikhus  and the Eldur í Húnathingi youth art festival in North west Iceland. Prior to moving to Iceland in 2015, she was the Creative Producer of Old Saw in the UK and produced  several family and community festivals in London from 2012. With Handbendi Greta produces and manages small to mid scale puppetry productions and international tours. The majority of her work is family oriented and works with localised communities to deliver diverse and sustainable regional arts engagement opportunities in rural locations.  Greta is developing developing an international puppetry festival in North west Iceland, where she lives and works. This will be the first international festival in this region of the country.

Gunnar Karel Másson  (Iceland)

Gunnar Karel was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1984. He started studying music at an early age and has played a diverse range of instruments. As a composer Gunnar mainly focuses on chamber music as he finds that his music gets the attention it deserves in smaller setups. Besides his composing he has been making his mark as concert producer. He founded the Sonic festival in Copenhagen with Filip C. de Melo in 2012. He is also one of the curators for the Peripheriberry group and the artistic director of Dark Music Days in Reykjavik.

Gunnar is a member of Danish Composers Society, the theater group 16 elskendur and the Icelandic composers collective S.L.Á.T.U.R.. He studied composition in Iceland and Denmark with Tryggvi Baldvinsson, Dr. Úlfar Ingi Haraldsson, Bent Sørensen, Hans Abrahamsen, Juliana Hodkinson, Jeppe Just Christensen and Niels Rosing Schow.

Ilona Asare (Latvia)

Ilona Asare has a MA degree in Culture management and has studied European cultural planning at the Montfort University (UK). She is running a non-governmental think tank organization “CultureLab” (Latvia) and works as a board member for Cesis Concert hall (Latvia) and European Network of Cultural Centres.

She has worked in management of Cesis city festival, which is community based outdoor event, and now works for Cesis Art festival (, which offers professional art events during one month in summer, including exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays and cinema screenings in the historic and beautiful town of Latvia - Cesis.

Kristina Savickienė (Lithuania)

Kristina Savickienė is a theatre manager and producer who has worked in the performing arts field since 2006. Currently she is a coordinator of the Lithuanian Theatre Showcase at International Theatre Festival SIRENOS and Head of Artistic Department at Lithuanian National Drama Theatre. Kristina is also a founder of Artscape, a non profit organization which sees art as a vehicle of social innovation and thus promotes innovative cultural, artistic, educational projects.

Kristina is also one of the founders of the Lithuanian Cultural Managers Association and as a member of the board 2015-17.

Although her primary interest lies in arts management, she has written some plays and translated some books as well as plays from English into Lithuanian.


Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf  (Poland)

Dr. Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf has for many years been among the eminent polish musicians of his generation. He comes from a family with deep musical traditions and is a descendant of the eminent Polish composer Michal Kleofas Oginski (1765-1833). He is a laureate of numerous music awards.

In 2017 he was awarded the Scholarship Program "Young Poland" from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He received the title of Personality of Pomerania of the Year 2016 in the Culture category and Personality of Gdansk of the Year 2016 in the Culture category awarded by the Baltic Journal and Polska Press. In October 2017 he received the honorary award "Merit for Polish Culture". From 2012 he has been viola academic pedagogue in the Academy of Music in Gdansk, and since 2015 he has run music workshops for violists and is a jury member of internationals music competitions.

Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf is President of NGO Foundation Ars Sine Qua Non and general director of the largest international festival of chamber music in northern Poland - EURO Chamber Music Festival Gdansk.

Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf is a violinist and the general director of the Euro Chamber Music Festival (ECMF) Gdańsk. He has been working as the festival organizer for 8 years.  


​Mocci Ryen (Norway)

Mocci Ryen is a vocalist and cultural entrepreneur. Ryen runs her own business M’productions - a developer and producer of events and experiences within Arts & Culture. Ryen is the initiator of the largest International Cultural Festival for Youth in Norway: ”Stoppested Verden” (Hamar) and established in 2009 ”Idékokeriet” – a creative community for freelancers in the field of Arts & Culture (Schous brewery, Oslo). Mocci Ryen is currently employed at Hamar Centre for Performing Arts as program manager.

Risto Kukk (Estonia)

Risto Kukk is a founder and chief organiser of various alternative music events and festivals (Festival Darkland Fire, Dark Romantic Evenings, Viru Electro, etc.).

"I have been passionate about music since my childhood. When listening to various alternative and dark music, I feel an ardour and urge to share it with other people. There is nothing better than a feeling that is created when a hall full of people  get a thrill from a concert. On the other hand, the energy that gets to the musicians and the interaction of all that opens the gates of perfection.

I have organised mostly dark music (incl. different substyles of industrial, post industrial and post punk) events in Estonia since 2010 – Darkland Fire Festival, Dark Romantic Evenings, Pandivere Music Festival and various concerts.

I mainly prefer to organise events at special venues in small towns and in the countryside, because I think it is important that remote places also have varied cultural life.

My educational background includes MA in journalism and studies in biology at Tartu University as well as various courses in events management and non-profit organisations. In my working life I have managed public relations in various fields, worked as a journalist on TV and for local newspapers. Currently, I am a management board member of the Estonian NPO Darkland Fire."

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