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Nordic-Baltic Arts Festival Conference

The main initiative of the NBFP has been to hold an annual conference to bring together managers and artistic directors of festivals from all fields of art and culture from across the region and beyond. A conference has taken place since 2011 in different countries of the region: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The main aim is to exchange ideas and best practices, make new connections and explore various possibilities for cooperation, while also attending some great performances. 


The platform organised its 1st full-scale Nordic-Baltic Arts Festival Conference in October 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. In total 5 NBFP Conferences have taken place since then around the Nordic-Baltic region (see more below). In parallel, 4 Calls for Collaborative Projects have been organised between 2015-2018 and, in 2019, the 1st Call for Festival Pitches with special focus on the Russian Federation took place. All the "Winners" have presented their ideas/projects at the conferences. Furthermore, in 2018, NBFP's first ever fellowship programme was successfully organised engaging 8 emerging festival leaders from across the Nordic-Baltic region who also presented their work at the conference. 


You can find more information about past conferences on the following links:

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