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Festivals On Demand

Between 2017-2020 NBFP was working to facilitate more live-streamed and recorded performances from festivals in the Nordic-Baltic region.

In 2019 a call for content was launched.

Advantages for the festivals were:

1. Reduced costs to stream and archive live performances

2. Streamed live events on the festival’s website - using our player

3. A Boilerplate contract was provided for artists in their language

4. Mechanical copyright licensing was taken care of for the festival

5. Support and advice on maximizing the impact of live-streamed events

6. 5 grants of EUR500 to support production costs were granted as well as a Free Pass to the NBFP Arts Festival Conference in November 2019.

The required criteria for live-stream were:

1. A performance that can be streamed as video

2. Festivals were responsible for clearing the artist rights and filming the performance (artist contract support was provided if needed)

3. NBFP cleared composer rights and covered the costs of hosting and mechanical copyright

The criteria to receive a production support grant were:

1. Content able to make a compelling live-stream

2. Facilitating a live stream would assist the festival in its mission

3. The festival has a clear and coherent plan to promote its live stream

3. The interest was received by Friday, 25 October 2019

The festival continued to own the footage of the performance, they signed over the rights necessary to live-stream and then archive the performance for a limited time window. There was also the chance to participate with good-quality pre-recorded material.​


NBFP's 2019 Conference ticket sales collaboration partner Musikka in cooperation with production company Mohave made a Documentary about NBFP and a selection of festivals that it reaches out to. For this, Mohave was present at the Liepāja Conference, to conduct and film interviews and collect other video material. Relatedly, Mohave was briefed about all the Grantee-festivals, so that they could fix concrete meeting & shooting times in Liepāja well in advance. The resulting Documentary is a nice additional way for the Grantee-festivals to promote themselves. Further, if interested, the Grantee-festivals could also get access to the non-used video material, based on a separate agreement with Musikka (owner of all filmed material).

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