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3rd meeting of the NordicBaltic Festival Platform

Formation of the NordicBaltic Festival Platform (NBFP) and

its (3rd) meeting in Riga

19 February 2013


The meeting in Riga was the third time for the "network" to meet with the ambition to establish a platform or association for Artistic Directors and Heads of Festivals to cooperate both artistically as well as in practical matters concerning festival management in the Nordic and Baltic area. In the second meeting in Stockholm in October 2012, a Working Group was formed to develop concrete ideas and set the agenda for the discussions in Riga. The Riga meeting approved that the Working Group should continue to drive the initiative.


In Riga, two main goals were set:

1) To develop a common image and branding strategy for Nordic and Baltic festivals based on artistic content and regional similarities and

2) To form collaborative relationships between individuals and festivals in order to share knowledge and increase cooperation in the region.


From the above, the main statement for the platform was drawn:

The NordicBaltic Festivals Platform (NBFP) has been initiated to share knowledge and strengthen cooperation between arts and culture festivals and promote the region through a common Nordic-Baltic artistic identity.

The platform is suggested to have an annual meeting rotating between the countries, connected to significant festivals, events or conferences where the participants could present new ideas and initiatives. The main aim of NBFP is to share knowledge and exchange the ideas, boost cooperation and develop relationships in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Several discussions followed, focusing on common artistic projects, e.g. a festival presenting Nordic-Baltic talent and/or organising promotional concerts in prominent concert halls.


From the point of finances needed to operate the NBFP, the meeting discussed the option to apply for funds from the Nordic Culture Fund and  other foundations and regional funds that demand collaboration between 2-3 partners. As a first step, it was suggested to send a delegation – the Working Group - to meet the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen to present the platform. The meeting also prompted for a special Facebook page to introduce the platform to as many people as possible. For the same reason it was suggested to create a simple webpage as soon as possible.


Finally, a number of questions were additionally discussed. How does the platform come on display in the near future? When and in conjunction with which event, festival or conference?

Some of the possibilities discussed were; the Nordic Music Days in Helsinki on 15-19 October 2013, the Tallinn Music Week in March 2014, or in conjunction with the annual conference of Norway Festivals in April 2014. Looking ahead, Nordic-Baltic festivals were expected to manifest themselves during the European Capital of Culture in Riga and in Umeå in 2014, in Aarhus in 2017, and in 2016 in Copenhagen where there were already plans for a Nordic-Baltic Early Music Festival.


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