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2015 Call for Nordic-Baltic Collaborative Arts Projects

The 2015, the NBFP Call for Collaborative Nordic-Baltic arts projects, which was open to festivals from all fields of art in the region, has ended successfully. The NBFP working group wishes to thank all the festivals who submitted their applications for collaborative projects and hopes that Nordic-Baltic festivals will continue to explore possibilities for cross-border cooperation.


The NBFP Working Group convened on 26-27 May 2015 to review all the submitted applications. Of the 18 submitted project ideas, the following 6 were chosen to be presented at the NBFP 2015 Conference in Stockholm on 30 October 2015.

All the below festivals seek additional festivals / project partners from the Nordic-Baltic area.

Festival: Reykjavik Arts Festival, Iceland
Project title: Borealis Band
Field of Art: Music

Format: Fusion/jazz/contemporary/pop/native music band for 9+ singers/instrumentalists

Project contact: Þórunn Sigurðardóttir,

Project description: Band comprised of West-Nordic musicians aged 20-30 seek other Baltic and Nordic musicians to fuse their native music with the bands creation, with songs sung in singers' native tongues.



Festival: Fartein Valen Festival, Norway

Project title: Nordic-Baltic identity in the light of composer Fartein Valen

Field of Art: Cross-Disciplinary: Music and Dance

Format: Combinations of performers in ensembles, incl. dancers, string quartet, piano soloist and instrumentalists.

Project contact: Ole Jørgen Furdal,
Project description: A pianist and dancers from the Nordic-Baltic region cooperating with Oslo String Quartet and a Norwegian jazz/folk/impro/contemporary/classical ensemble to explore the essence and universality of the music of Fartein Valen, the Norwegian composer.


Festival: Tallinn Chamber Music Festival, Estonia
Project title: Emerging talent in the Nordic-Baltic region
Field of art: Music

Format: Chamber music ensemble for 9 instrumentalists/singers

Project contact: Leelo Lehtla,

Project description: Cooperation of talented emerging Nordic-Baltic instrumentalists (possibly also singers) preparing a joint chamber music programme, incl. new commission(s) for the group. Depending on number of partner festivals, 1-3 artists take part from each partner country.


Festival: International Sacred Music Festival, Latvia
Project title: Hector Berlioz "Romeo et Juliette"

Field of Art: Cross-Disciplinary: Music and Dance

Format: Large scale dramatic symphony for choir, orchestra, dancers and soloists

Project contact: Ieva Vitina,

Project description: Cooperation of Latvian professional choir (60 singers) and Latvian conductor with other partners, i.e. local symphony orchestras, dancers, choreographer, stage designer and light designer from other Nordic or Baltic countries.



Festival: Stockholm Early Music Festival, Sweden
Project title: Aurora Bachealis
Field of art: Music

Format: Classical/folk music ensemble for instrumentalists and singers

Project contact: Peter Pontvik,

Project description: Musicians from Sweden and other countries in the region fusing the music of J.S.Bach with Nordic and Baltic folk music, played mainly on folk instruments.



Festival: Drakamöllan Opera Festival, Sweden, in cooperation with guidOpera ApS, Denmark
Project title: Kjetil the Dragon (Opera for children)

Format: Opera for 7 singers/actors and 4 instrumentalists
Field of art: Cross-Disciplinary: Literature, Music; interactive webpage

Project contact: Ingalill Thorsell,

Project description: This opera for children production is suitable for both fully and partly local artistic partners (singers + piano, violin, clarinet, horn) from all over the Nordic-Baltic region. Language of production is either Danish, Swedish or other and translations are feasible also for print and web materials.



For more information about the projects, please contact the above-mentioned project representatives.


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