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441 Hz


441 Hz is one of the best vocal ensembles in Poland. The choir was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the students of the Gdańsk Academy of Music. On a daily basis, it's active at concert activities promoting the repertoire of the latest music. The choir made a concert tour to Italy and Germany, and also organized concerts in Gdańsk as part of an artistic exchange with choirs from Sweden and the Czech Republic. The leading goal of the 441 Hz team is to perform and promote contemporary vocal music.

The founder and conductor of the band is Anna Wilczewska, an employee of the Gdańsk Academy of Music as an adjunct, a two-time winner at the Polish Choral Conductors Competitions in Poznań (2006, 2008).

In 2017, the band's second album, entitled "Song of the North", was released by the DUX label. Album “Song of the North” is a collection of varied compositions representing different music styles, but connected by a common denominator - each of them conveys the spirit of true North, known only by those who have been there. In order to execute and record this material, Chamber Choir 441 Hz was forced to take an unusual approach - it was necessary to master various traditional singing techniques, familiarize yourself with the tongues and the culture of the people from the North.


Immortal Onion

Immortal Onion was founded in spring 2016, and it was signed by Requiem Records in 2017. Having won the „Jazz phonographic debut” competition, as well as a City of Gdansk Culture Scholarship, the group released their first album entitled „Ocelot of Salvation” in July 2017. The album had its premiere at the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days festival, opening the festival with Kamasi Washington.

The inspiration for the band formation were, to name just a few, Esbjörn Svensson, Hiromi Uehara and Tigran Hamasyan, In terms of genre, Immortal Onion offers a bold combination of many seemingly remote styles – jazz, film music, minimalism as well as fusion, electronic music and even progressive metal. The unique sound of the group originates from the stylistic variety, and skilful combination of rhythmically complex, energetic riffs with minimalistic, trans beats and lyrical themes.


Ziemowit Klimek – double bass / bass guitar / electronics

Tomir Śpiołek – grand piano / e-piano

Wojtek Warmijak – drums


Kacprzak & Sokołowski Duo

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The duet of two Gdańsk Music Academy students, both fond of chamber music as well as fascinated with possibilities of connecting the two musical instruments: the cello – the synonym of great beauty in music and the accordion, which contemporary construction was finally completed in the 20th century and its possibilities are the subject of interest of many present composers.

As both musicians are keen on many different kinds of music, the duet has a wide repertoire; ranging from the transcription (J.S. Bach, E. Grieg, A. Pärt, K. Wiłkomirski, A. Piazzolla) to contemporary music (H. Valpola, K. Naklicki, M. Majkusiak, I.Yun).

In February 2018 the duet got the first prize in XXIV Accordion Contest in Mława. In May 2018 the musicians got the Gdańsk Scholarship for Culture and therefore they took part in the 55th International Accordion Contest in Klingenthal (Germany), one of the most prestigious world music contests. The duet got the third prize there.


Maciej Kacprzak - accordion
Karol Sokołowski – cello


Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre

Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre – founded by Leszek Bzdyl – a director and a choreographer, and by Katarzyna Chmielewska – a dancer and a choreographer; on stage since 1992; an independent group of professional dancers and actors, staging performances in cooperation with home and foreign cultural institutions, such as: Teatr Wybrzeże /Gdańsk, Poland; Klub Żak /Gdańsk; Dance Advance /Philadelphia, USA; Les Hivernales /Avignon, France; Old Brewery /Poznań; Teatr Nowy /Łódź; Nouva Foundation /Poznań.

As of today, Dada have produced more than 45 performances. In their repertory are now: Play it, so 17 dances about something, Enclave 4/7, Invisible Duets, Le Sacre, Caffè Lattè, Red Grass, FRUU, Magnolia, so beautiful

In 2012 Dada Theatre initiated Dada Hub – a new concept of annual, contemporary dance technique workshops, housed in MCKA Bay of Art in Sopot, a remarkable studio overlooking the sea.

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